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Just started year 5 of owning my Q5. When Audi Connect expired in the last 3 years I just contacted Audi customer service by email and they extended it each year for free.
I was advised in September 2020 that the licence was extended until 1.12.2022. I.e over 2 years.
However the MMI informed me a couple of days ago the Connect licence has expired? and so I emailed Audi Customer Service as before to find out what was the problem.
I was advised by customer service that the renewal system has now changed to using ‘My Audi‘ web site. On logging on I had to choose between a monthly renewal for £14.50 or an annual charge of £141.
I have informed them of my disgust on rescinding a previously advised free licence for this year.

So beware, previously free Connect renewals are now going to be £141 per annum.
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