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Android head up display

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I have ordered a 12.3" android screen to replace the MMI screen.
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Wow, that will not polish out o_O

Here is the best video I found to show installation and how it works > Audi A4/A5/Q5 10.25" Android Screen Install (Full Install) Wireless CarPlay / Youtube / Netflix. - YouTube

I have same system.
Hi there, I’ve read all you messages about the head unit and watched the links… they are brilliant… can I ask mate where you purchased the item from or even the name or make as the company listed seems to be closed… also you mentioned you didn’t fit it.. where did you get it done mate… love to see photos of your finished unit… cheers
I am thinking of trading my car. Removing and selling the Android, if it is worth the hassle / cost. Would you like to make an offer?
How much would you be thinking mate…. And obviously where are you??
with know your set up mate … mine has the b&o system and also the passenger airbag light under hazard switch( think I read something about this)… would it be suitable and does it matter what MMI system I have…? Cheers mate
Sorry, I am on the wrong side of the pond. Postage would be prohibitive
I’m in Uk also mate… sorry about flag … my son has a vpn installed…
In in dorset
Wasn’t even aware there was different types until I started looking at the head units!! Lol
So mine is mmi multimedia … photo if that helps?
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