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Android head up display

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I have ordered a 12.3" android screen to replace the MMI screen.
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I looked about, before deciding on the system I wanted. There appear to be a few shady suppliers. I went with a supplier who has provided a system for a friends car.

Parkes Dynamic Retrofits UK

I looked at Fitting Bay and AutoTech, I contacted them both to find out if they had a UK agent and fitting service - unfortunately no.

Parkes Dynamic Retrofits UK were very helpful and have offered me 12.3 for same price as 10.25. It may be a bit OTT, but I think it will be much better for watching movies and Amazon Prime.

I have seen the 10.25 fitted. It has all the features of the OEM screen. The 12.3 is touch screen. It has 64K memory. It has a SIM card slot, which will facilitate adding new and updating Apps.

I did speak to a.n.other UK providers some of whom knew less about the systems available than I and were less than helpful.

Time will tell if I made a good choice. I will post photos as and when.

See here > (41) RSnav S3 12.3" install in Audi B8 S4 - YouTube
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I take it you are not installing it yourself then. How much do they charge for installation, and how long does it take? As they seem to be based in London do they have fitters that are based or come to NE Scotland?

Also spotted a potential problem (for me anyway) with the Parkes Dynamic Retrofits UK version, it says that its Android Auto is wired, not wireless
Also the 12.3" is non MMI version only!? Only 10.25" version for MMI3G.
Not DIY, I know a man who can

Where did you get that info?
I have spoken with PDR today. Please be advised:

I have obtained the last available 12.3" MMI3G head unit.
They have assured me it is touch screen and has same functionality as 10.25".
I am assured it comes with latest apps.
I am not really bothered about future updating of the Android system. However, I do believe this can be achieved via the internet using a SIM card.

Whatever functionality it does or does not have it has to be better than my antiquated Audi OEM in car entertainment system.

My next project will be to try and link my Wifi dash cam to the head unit :)

(43) RSNAV install - YouTube
The jig saw has arrived.
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Like many electronic goods, I am sure they are manufactured in the far east and rebranded/ repackaged.
Wish me luck, I am going to try to fit the screen
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Fitted and working. It is a great piece of kit. It looks like an Audi option. Does all the things my old MMI did and lots more beside. So far I have tried > Google Maps, Apple car play, Messaging, YouTube, Netflix.
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All hidden behind the new unit
Very pleased with the android head. All of the features work perfectly. No rattles or squeaks and it looks and feels like an OEM fitment. I did intend to fit it myself, but glad I did not.
Good luck, you will not be disapointed
I have fitted dash cams to gearboxes and everything in between. I had a bad experience when I bought and installed some hooky map updates.

I am a Mech Eng, electrics are not really my bag. I decided to let someone fit this for me. Glad I did. It took an auto electrician nearly four hours to install.
DAB works great, I can store my favourite stations. I don't live in London.
MIC and everything else from my "old" MMI system works as well it always did.
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Sounds good and much better than using existing screen. Have you any contact details for Parkes. Only thing that comes up on google is a companies house is "Active proposal to strike off"
I know these things can be resolved but if that is the case but any other suppliers if so?

It seems the company has been liquidated. As has my warranty :mad:
(10) Parkes dynamic andriod screen, general chat and advice | Facebook
Screens are not made in UK. I understand Audi import their screens from far East.

This is similar, Erisin ES2675R 10.25" Car Stereo GPS Radio Sat Nav For Audi Q5 IPS Android 10 DAB+ Wireless CarPlay Wifi 4G BT Canbus TPMS
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Wow, that will not polish out o_O

Here is the best video I found to show installation and how it works > Audi A4/A5/Q5 10.25" Android Screen Install (Full Install) Wireless CarPlay / Youtube / Netflix. - YouTube

I have same system.
Good chance that it was manufactured in the same factory in China. Is that the language you chose to display?
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Thought you had USofA flag? Did you change it?
Hi there, I’ve read all you messages about the head unit and watched the links… they are brilliant… can I ask mate where you purchased the item from or even the name or make as the company listed seems to be closed… also you mentioned you didn’t fit it.. where did you get it done mate… love to see photos of your finished unit… cheers
I bought mine from Parkes Dynamic. They ceased trading.
RSNAV seems to be a reliable supplier. However, I suspect you buy from the screens are all made in the same factory in China re-branded and repackaged.
I looked at videos to DIY and decided it was too much hassle for me & got a local auto electrician to fit mine. £140 well spent :)
This is my install >
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