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Just a quick thumbs up for Aberdeen Audi

I recently managed to put a screw through my rear tyre

Luckily I spotted it very quickly and managed to drive my car straight to the dealership to see if they could fix it. Unfortunately, their tyre man was off for a couple of days, and i didn't fancy driving about with the expectation of a flat, foam filling experience waiting for me. However, I spoke to our salesman (Sean) and he said to leave the car with them and they'd loan me one. So, I had the great experience of driving about in an A5 convertible for two days.

Upon my return for my car, they'd fixed the puncture and valeted it inside and out and charged me ...... NOTHING !!!!

Absolutely brilliant start and I hope that this excellent customer service continues for long to come. If it does, I'll be well chuffed. If it doesn't..... I'll let you know !


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