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2021 Q5 Spare 'wheel'

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Juts bought a 2021 Q5 with no spare wheel as expected - theres a pump and sealant kit there instead.

The photo shows what the wheel space looks like - its certainly not big enough to take an inflated spare wheel (tried one off my A5) so I am guessing its space for a collapsible wheel.

Any guidance on where I can get one other than Audi themselves ?


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They usually only take a collapsing space saver not a full size wheel. Collapsing means that the side walls aren’t fully formed so need pumping up before fitting otherwise they are too tall to fit in the boot space.
You can get a replacement bootliner for the collapsible spare wheel and tools etc. When ordering my dealer said they'd just priced it up for someone and it was around £1k 😲

I added it to my build spec. Felt wrong paying for a spare!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts