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Hi Shineydave

I feel the same way, due to Covid I was unable to get a good look at the car in a showroom setting and had failed to realise the armrest was not set up the same, I only got a DIY video from the salesman. Also disappointed that the phone charger platform has gone (I thought it was part of the "Technology pack" which is now standard in this car). I was told that few customers found it useful and that it was not reliable, my previous Q5 had two replaced under warranty when they failed in under 2 years. I felt that considering the price you pay just to have an open space with two cup holders did spoil the appearance of the entire centre consul. It seems that in the USA Audi users have complained about this too so a "cup holder cover" was created, something not so far available in the UK. With all the free time I have during "stay at home" I decided to make a DIY platform using a piece of acrylic black sheet, cut to size and shaped to fit the recess, it blends in with the redesigned centre consul now missing the touchpad and selector knob. I then bought a silicone charging mat which sits on the cover and holds my phone securely but at this price I would have expected more from Audi. That apart as you say it's a nice piece of kit, I've had no issues in the three weeks I've owned it but only managed 100 miles so far, maybe after lockdown we can proper test it í ¾í´ž
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