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2020 Q5 hybrid- drive system malfunction!

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2020 Q5 plug-in hybrid
18,000 miles
I bought it used 3 months ago. It has driven beautifully so far.
Tried to start as normal the other day and got a bunch of errors on the dash.
the first one is “speed control system unavailable”.
that goes away and second one is “drive system malfunction: contact service

I press the brake and try to start the engine but nothing happens. I haven’t been able to drive it :(

I still have factory warranty. But it’s taking Audi Roadaide Assistance ages to tow it to the dealership. I live in a rural area and the nearest dealer is 150 miles away. It’s been 4 days and I need this fixed :(

I haven’t scanned for codes- I need to get myself a scanner.

Any ideas on what’s going on?
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Welcome to our forum :cool:
Very poor service from your dealer. Name and shame on social media and local press
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