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2012 Q5 tailgate won't open

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I have a 2012 Q5, the power tailgate clicks and opens a bit but doesn't open, when I lift it up manually and press the button it closes good. Battery was recently replaced.
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Welcome. Isn't there a method to limit the distance the tailgate opens? Maybe this has been activated somehow at its lowest setting. There should be a way to 'unset' it.
I was just thinking the same as Richard. Open it to maximum and then hold the button on the tailgate for four seconds.
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Did it work Fireshark ?
Did it work Fireshark ?

No I'm not sure what it is, the motors seem to work as it closes properly, is there something to reset after changing a battery?
Did it work Fireshark ?
Do you have a tow bar? When I have the trailer on my A4 it does exactly as you describe with the power tailgate. Its obviously like that to avoid opening into whatever youre towing. Maybe some wiring issue with that is causing it?
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