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Beautiful 2012 prestige pack with 177k miles. Paint is in great shape along with the rest of the car. top end of motor refreshed so the car runs as new.

-upper timing chain tensioners
-All valves reconditioned and reseated
-valve stem seals
-spark plugs
-upper intake manifold gasket set
-lower intake manifold gasket set
-air filter
-head gaskets
-head bolts
-oil filter housing gasket
-oil filter housing cap and seal
-engine mounts left and right
-crankcase breather tubes
-PCV valve/crankcase breather valve
-heater core to engine pipe
-engine coolant tube
-high pressure fuel pump gasket
-valve timing solenoid seals
-upper timing chain guides
-secondary air pump lower tube
-secondary air pump to combi valve tube
-bank 2 camshaft timing chain
-bank 2 camshaft phasers
-vacuum pump seal
-exhaust manifold gaskets
-engine oil cooler seal
-all 24 hydraulic lifters
-combi valve gasket (both)
-serpentine belt

-Front tires

All documented by photo for new buyer to pay with confidence. Box of old parts in the trunk. Book value of 12,000 shown in pictures besides the updated heavy maintenance. The work performed would cost 4-6k anywhere. Buy with confidence instead of the unknown!

any questions feel free to message here, email [email protected] or text 201 356 7212