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2011 Build Date

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Does anyone know for sure when the 2011 build starts? I've seen pretty much everything from April to September.
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Does anyone know for sure when the 2011 build starts? I've seen pretty much everything from April to September.
rolling a dice would probably give you a better idea than you could get from the dealer
Yeh! Audi at their best. Just tried calling Parklands Audi again to clarify but no answer. But it wouldn't surprise me if they were wrong as I've not had much confidence in the info they have given me.

Re the suspension I have ordered Drive select and Damper control. In the manual it says "Damper control - is formed on the basis of lowered sports suspension, the system fine tunes suspension settings...." So I've never really been clear how the 2011 spec change (re sports suspension) would affect my order. Can anyone explain what would the difference would be if my car was a 2010 or 2011 model? The main reason I want it to be a 2011 is for the tow bar prep. That was something I tried to add a few months ago and got the answer that I would get taken out of the queue and added back in again so didn't bother. AT least with the 2011 prep I assume it will make a retro fit easier if ever I decided I needed one.

Ok, just on the phone to them know and she has looked in the system and says its a 2011 car. And re the sports suspension all she could say was that the damper control addition no longer meant that sports suspension was added as standard and that as I had not specified Sports suspension previously (as it would have been standard within the damper control option) and then gave me the standard answer that I couldn't change anything now without affecting the build week. She said she would call Audi UK and clarify.
I hope your right about the tow bar prep as its the same price in the new brochure as the old and does'nt mention it anywhere.
It makes you so mad doesn't it - and I've got mine sorted.

I honestly don't think they have any excuse for the way they treat their customers - whether their cars are selling by the bucket full or not. Most of us are spending a significant amount of money on their products.

Knowing what I know now I would be in there standing over the 'Sales Executive' while he made the call to Audi UK Sales - not that we should have to go to those lengths. If you are getting fobbed of by the dealership it's disgraceful.

You and I are both in a similar position in as much as the clock is ticking away before our build week goes firm and I sincerely hope you manage to get it sorted in time.

All that is required is a little effort and some honesty.

Like you, I'm pretty certain that if it were not for this forum I would have been non the wiser.

Good luck.

Hi Kev,

Mine is also week 26/27 build and still have no confirmed date,salesman is away until monday and he reckons it will be confirmed by the time he gets back.Lets hope so,looks like we should get them at the same time.Is you build confirmed yet?

Hi Rich,

Yep, looks like we could well be sharing a bit of deck space lol.

As of Tuesday when they last rang I was still unconfirmed but he was still hopeful that the build might come forward - fingers crossed.

I'd love to think that we can beat any VAT increase. I can't see why they shouldn't be able to invoice us as soon as the build is confirmed with payment due on delivery. Did your dealer say they would stand any increase?


Hi Kev,
was told without even asking that audi would cover the vat rise,would try and push to see if your dealer is telling porkies!! Just mention how some dealers are covering it,we have order through the inchcape group,i dont think the vat rise will be instantly brought in over night too much work.

will keep you informed

good luck

We too have orderd via an Inchcape dealer and they informed us that they would NOT cover any VAT rise and that as this was a UK Gov action then I had to pay this. To add insult to injury the dealers sales staff said that as no VAT rise was announced then the question was not relevant! What world do they live in!
Hi windmill,
Not sure how they work it all out there seems to be no set rules,when is your car due? maybe you will have it before it all takes place.
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