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2011 Build Date

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Does anyone know for sure when the 2011 build starts? I've seen pretty much everything from April to September.
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Carbon - please free to post the link - no probs in linking to other Q5 sites - it's good to share and quote sources
To add some more info, mine is build weeks 23 and was told is 2011 model so this backs this statement up.
Any time now for the build then? My calendar says we are in week 23 right now.

When was your build week confirmed please?

I have the letter here. It is dated 15th May so I guess thats when it was confirmed, or at least when they told me. Says build week 23 which is the week commencing 7th June so next week. Says approximate delivery the week commencing 12th July.

I called up and they said that it was a 2011 car although they have not seemed on the ball with any of this. Like everyone else I have been calling up to ask questions with very few firm answers. For me the car will come as it comes now so will let you know when it does if it is in fact a 2011 Q5.

PS I ordered in Feb and original ETA was Sep. Then got non confirmed build of late Sep and then had this confirmed build of June. No idea why....
Hahahaha - It's all as clear as mud now!

loobola's car is built week 23 and is 2011 spec and Justin's car is built two weeks later to the 2010 spec. See it's easy when you understand how it works

Full marks to Audi UK and their dealerships for the flow of consistently high information that they output - NOT
Yeh! Audi at their best. Just tried calling Parklands Audi again to clarify but no answer. But it wouldn't surprise me if they were wrong as I've not had much confidence in the info they have given me.

Re the suspension I have ordered Drive select and Damper control. In the manual it says "Damper control - is formed on the basis of lowered sports suspension, the system fine tunes suspension settings...." So I've never really been clear how the 2011 spec change (re sports suspension) would affect my order. Can anyone explain what would the difference would be if my car was a 2010 or 2011 model? The main reason I want it to be a 2011 is for the tow bar prep. That was something I tried to add a few months ago and got the answer that I would get taken out of the queue and added back in again so didn't bother. AT least with the 2011 prep I assume it will make a retro fit easier if ever I decided I needed one.

Ok, just on the phone to them know and she has looked in the system and says its a 2011 car. And re the sports suspension all she could say was that the damper control addition no longer meant that sports suspension was added as standard and that as I had not specified Sports suspension previously (as it would have been standard within the damper control option) and then gave me the standard answer that I couldn't change anything now without affecting the build week. She said she would call Audi UK and clarify.
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The dealership, as you would guess, blamed Audi Uk for the delay. How good/bad is standard suspension anyway? I'm used to a firm ride Audi A6 sports suspension on 255/35/19s)
I currently have an RS4 so likewise used to the firm ride.

In summary my order was such that the damper meant I was getting the sports suspension. They changed the spec to 2011 no one told me, I had to call up and now they say I am not getting what I ordered and the only option is to amend the order and push the build back to the end of the year or whenever it is! How poor is that. In essence they are not building what I ordered. I too think that the selection of sports suspension most likely will make no difference to the build in reality.
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