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2011 Build Date

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Does anyone know for sure when the 2011 build starts? I've seen pretty much everything from April to September.
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Carbon - please free to post the link - no probs in linking to other Q5 sites - it's good to share and quote sources
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I made an enquiry as to my options on 10th May. My dealer has just got back to me today to inform me that any spec amendment will result in the loss of current build slot, this means if I change the standard suspension back to s-line as I previously expected the vehicle will not arrive until late 2010 early 2011 instead of September! I thought with an unconfirmed build slot of week 26 I would still be able to make changes without penalty.
you enquired on the 10th May - why did they only get back to you today

I've always understood specifications can be changed upto only a few weeks before build? Your build slot is allocated and AUDI run a JIT production schedule - all parts are scheduled in in a very short turn around. I used to work for DENSO and our AC units were sequenced in an external warehouse based on the production programme - changes could be made right upto the last minute - I would hazard a guess the suspension is the same. This seems to me like tell the customer it can't be done - the customer will just accept it - COME ON AUDI DEALERS - customers want to be delighted!!!!! Sort it out!!!
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