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2010 or 2011

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Hi all,

This seems to be a hot topic at the mo but I cant get any definate answers. Our Q5 is been build week 20(so we've been told) which is around 3rd week in May. Does anyone know if it'll be 2010 or 2011 spec?

Im a bit confused with it all, I'm sure I've read somewhere that 2011 spec starts from April, but not sure. Dealer said when we ordered in Jan, 2011 spec starts from June, dealer now says they haven't heard anything about any change of specs.

I'm thinking that if 2011 spec does have stop/start system and this does reduce the road tax, I wont be impressed.

Can anyone help clarify???

Many thanks.
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Yes the start/stop reduces the road tax, it puts it 1 band lower as it drops from 175 to 165 which makes it considerably cheaper both for the first year, and subsequent years tax.

The dealers DO know about the changes in 2011 spec, i found out 2 weeks ago, and the buletins went out to the dealers last week so they all know.

I was under the impression that the spec changes were being implemented on the build line in june, but that im not sure of.
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