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Over 10k now and still using oil. At what milage has your q5 stopped using oil. None of all the cars I had up to now used any oil either new or at over 100k.

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It seems that Audi solved the TFSI-oil-consumption issue.

I've had this problem ever since I bought the car in October 2009. Mine consumed approx. 1 liter per 1,500km city driving, or 1 liter per 2,500 combined city/highway. In October 2010 my dealer replaced the whole engine block (TFSI 2.0), at a time when there was no official solution to the excessive oil consumption issue. This didn't improve the problem at all.

Somewhere in April this year, Audi has issued a new technical update for TFSI engines:

Erhöhter Ölverbrauch 2.0 TFSI:
TPI : 2024604-4
1) Austausch des Kurbelgehäusedruckregelventils
2) Austausch des Kurbelwellendichtringes
3) Softwareupdate optimiert

Translation (copied from AudiWorld forum)
Excessive oil consumption 2.0 TFSI:
TPI : 2024604-4
1) Replace the carter pressure controle valve
2) Replace the crankshaft seal ring
3) Software update

Now, after around 800km after this update, my engine didn't consume any oil at all (which wasn't the case after earlier attempts to fix it).

All in all, it seems that this update solves the problem!

P.S. To be more precise, Audi has another TPI procedure, which is done if the engine still consumes oil after the implementation of TPI : 2024604-4. This second procedure replaces some parts in the engine itself. But I assume that for most of us, the first TPI will do the job.
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