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2.0 TDI S line Arrived

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Thats the 2.0 TDI Sline stonic arrived yesterday from Aberdeen Audi.

Privacy glass
High beam assist
Heated seats
interior light pack

Although I was desperate to prove all the people wrong about the ride being too firm I have to admit they are right. Ant the previous post regarding the gearing of 7th is correct - it is too high unless you are doing 70mph.

The ride seems to skip over uneven roads but absorbs the bigg potholes well. The car does corner really well though so isuppose I cant have everything.

The high beam assist works like dream... put the full beam on and forget about it. --well worth it!

2 hrs after getting the car I heard bang! bang! it was the 2 year old son hitting it with a plastic spade...first scratch already on!...never mind!!
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Hi Johnny,

Aderdeen Audi ???..... I'm collecting my Q5 from the same dealership tonight !!!!

I'll have to keep my eyes open for you on the road....

I'm sure you'd spot me. I think I've the only garnet red one in town


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