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Thats the 2.0 TDI Sline stonic arrived yesterday from Aberdeen Audi.

Privacy glass
High beam assist
Heated seats
interior light pack

Although I was desperate to prove all the people wrong about the ride being too firm I have to admit they are right. Ant the previous post regarding the gearing of 7th is correct - it is too high unless you are doing 70mph.

The ride seems to skip over uneven roads but absorbs the bigg potholes well. The car does corner really well though so isuppose I cant have everything.

The high beam assist works like dream... put the full beam on and forget about it. --well worth it!

2 hrs after getting the car I heard bang! bang! it was the 2 year old son hitting it with a plastic spade...first scratch already on!...never mind!!

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Hi Johnny,

Aderdeen Audi ???..... I'm collecting my Q5 from the same dealership tonight !!!!

I'll have to keep my eyes open for you on the road....

I'm sure you'd spot me. I think I've the only garnet red one in town



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Hi Mike
Yes I am sure I will spot you..Garnet red will be an unusual colour.
Hope they sort you out OK at Aberdeen audi.

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Hi JohnnyD

Is your car the basic black or metallic? I plan to order the basic black but in the past have been persuaded against it. Back in 2002 I ordered a BMW X5 and my dealer was horrified I wanted regular black. My main reason was that bodyshops can never invisibly repair metallics without spraying the whole panel or more. Costly when it's just a scratch (I bet your son got a hug in the end anyway). Having said that, I'm not sure I just don't prefer a simple deep gloss black. Metallic black can look 'dusty' unless lit by direct sunlight or street lamps at night.

The BMW guy said that the non-metallic black looked drab and would be impossible to sell on next to a metallic one. I found it hard to believe but went along with him. This time I'm more determined unless you guys with nothing to gain advise me to go metallic. The only metallic that grabs me is Daytona Grey (although I'd jump at the orangey brown they used at the Frankfurt show).

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I've got the basic black (brilliant black) and its turned out to be one of the best aspects of the car. Everyone commects how deep the gloss is, looks almost 'wet black' all the time. I did use a 3 stage waxing kit from maguires on the day the car was delivered and it still looks fantastic now a month later. Except for the alloys i've not washed it yet. When I test drove a car at the dealers there were 2 black ones side by side, one metallic and one basic. The basic stood out because you see all the reflections from the other cars and sky etc, where the metallic one just looked black. I would say that they are harder to keep clean but it is well worth the effort and saves you money.

Another thing that has turned out a good decision was not to have specified privacy glass. I was unsure at time of ordering and thought that if it comes to it I could always have the tints put on afterwards. From all the comments i've had it dos'nt need the tints and looks all the better for it. May be because every other black SUV has tints? and it also makes the interior lighter.

I wish I could post some pics to show what I mean but keep getting massage that the file size is too large even though it is way under the limits. Any help here please

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Hi stevepen

That's useful. I was definitely going to have privacy glass but you have me thinking. I normally have privacy glass then get the fronts tinted a light smoke to lessen the delivery van effect if you know what I mean. But even though the fronts are always the lightest tint I can get, they are almost certainly illegal. I must get away with it because the light upholstery in our Range Rover Sport and previous BMW X5 made the interior easily visible. The police are more concerened with limo tints (and what's going on behind them, probably). We have an A6 Le Mans with the S-Line interior (black and more black) which does appear to some people to have tints. I had always put this down to the contrast with the bright red bodywork but I can see how your similarly dark interior might make the standard glass appear darker just as my light interiors made darkened glass appear lighter.

Given the choice, I would prefer it if the S-Line Q5 could be had with a light interior; maybe the silver or beige leather. The A6 is quite oppressive at times with even the headlining being black (or anthracite if you must) and no sunroof. I'm semi-persuaded that having a Q5 with the panoramic sunroof would reduce the effect but I'm nevertheless a bit miffed that the same Sports seats can be had in the base car or SE in a variety of colours while S-Line customers have to stump up a couple of grand for 'Exclusive' trim to get any variety. Maybe I need to stop being spoilt and make a double saving by sticking with the black interior and, as a result, unticking the privacy glass box!

What you've said about Brilliant Black is exactly what I'd hoped to hear and makes me wonder why metallic blacks even exist - certainly at extra cost. I've just spent the evening with my goddaughter after breaking the news to her that the insignificant looking damage to the rear wheelarch of her Renault will probably mean she'll have to pay for the whole rear door and three-quarter panel to be painted because of her greeny silver metallic/pearlescent finish. Fair enough; she likes the colour but black is black isn't it? I had a small but unsightly scuff on the X5 which resulted in half the side of the car getting resprayed just because it was a metallic black. And it was still never a perfect match!

All of which brings me to another thing I'm considering . . . . paint protection film. Maybe because I live in London, no cleaning day goes by without the discovery of new stonechips or parking dings and scrapes. The other day I saw a lady squeeze between two cars in Sainsbury's. On closer inspection I could see her jeans had left a line down one of them. It would probably polish out but it showed how easily and innocently damage can occur. I know they can cover vulnerable panels or whole vehicles but I'm not aware of ever having seen a car that has been treated. If the penalty for having this protection meant losing some of the deep 'wet black' gloss you describe, I don't think I'd bother. But if it really is as difficult to detect as the ads would have us believe, I'd be very tempted.

I wonder if anyone has any experience or thoughts on this.

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Well the scatch my son made on the car with his toy spade is nothing to the huge door ding that we now have in it from some inconsiderate person who chose to park next to us. - the car is only 3 days old!!!
A big dent and a scrape mark - which I had to use black T-cut to take out (Wanted to avoid t cutiing if possible as it takes the showroom shine off).
I was gutted and angry but at the end of the day it is a car and not the end of the world.
My sister picks up her Silver Q5 tonight so we will see how the colours compare side by side.

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Hi John

What a nightmare! If you managed to get the scuff of and the damage does not extend beyond the swage line between the wheel arches, I can recommend those mobile 'paintless repair' operatives you can find on the web and Yellow Pages. A friend found a dartboard sized dent on the side of her car one morning after she'd heard a big fight in the street the previous night. We found one of these guys on Google and it was a simple matter of sending 3 digital photos to get a quote. The guy came and had finished the job in an unbelievable 45 minutes. The ?120 she paid was less than her insurance excess and probably 25% of what a bodyshop would have charged for a much more upheaval but the same result.

Maybe wait a couple of weeks until that jinx has worn off though!

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Yes I think I will wait a couple of weeks untill the jinx has worn off.
I probably will go for one of those dent repair people to fix the car. - If the car had been older I probably would not have bothered but 3 days old may be worth fixing.
|Does anybody know how they do the repair...Do they have to drill holes in the sides of the door etc and start removing all the pannels?

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The guy was reluctant for us to stand and watch but it seems to be a process of massage and manipulation with maybe a little heat. The inner door trims might have to come off but there was certainly no drilling because they don't use filler or paint.

If you google 'paintless dent repairs' or something similar, I seem to remember some of the sites had FAQ sections which might explain the process in vague terms. I wouldn't be surprised if YouTube threw up a demo; it does for most things. My friend couldn't have cared if they used voodoo as long as it was cheap enough!

EDIT: I had a look and chose this at random:

There were others including some idiots who obviously want to maintain the mystery.

Take a look here too. I understand some makers do this to their cars at motor shows so it must be fairly difficult to spot and can just be applied to vulnerable panels:
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