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  1. Private Sellers Marketplace
    I have a set of 20” OEM Audi wheels with Continental Crosscontact LX Sport. Driven on for less than 1K miles. Taken off a 2023 Audi Q5. Tire size 255/45 R 20
    $2,000 USD
  2. Private Sellers Marketplace
    GONE ELECTRIC so I have 4 beautiful WOLFRACE GB ARKTIS black alloys +Dunlop Wintersport 5 Winter tyres for sale. Hardly used-7mm tread 235/60 R18 £800 Collect Scottish Borders
  3. Private Sellers Marketplace
    Q5 Winter wheels and tyres for sale. Used by us for two years, but not required now. £1,000 8RO 601 025 CJ 8RO 601 025 CA Dunlop SP Winter Sport Tyres included 255/45/R20 101V Good wear at between 5-6mm on each tyre. 2 small marks on wheels as shown on photos. Collection only from near...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm about to buy a Q5 having tried all the competition but I'm still undecided regarding which fuel. I'm currently driving a 3L Diesel XF so I'm used to some performance. I only do 8,000 miles a year so I'm tempted by the TFSi, is 35mpg realistic? if so that's good enough for me. My other...
  5. Private Sellers Marketplace
    GENUINE AUDI 17" ALLOY WHEELS C/W NOKIAN WR SUV WINTER TYRES 235/65/17. Sadly, moving house and I no longer have my Q5 so set of 4 Audi wheels and Winter Nokian tyres for sale. No repairs, at least 6mm tread depth. Stored in tyre bags over summer and housed in my garage. Superb winter grip...
  6. General Discussion
    Hi all, I did not go with the Audi Autoglym paintwork protection option when picking up my car and I am looking to see what options are out there and what it costs. I have looked at the Gtechniq product which comes with a 5 or 7 year guarantee depending on which option you choose. This...
  7. Private Sellers Marketplace
    I'm on the look out for either a set of winter tyres & wheels (20 or 21) OR some quality chains for the 21s
  8. AUDI Q5 Information & Specifications
    Hey all, Like many threads on here I am looking for a winter wheel package. I thought to myself about taking the 19" TI wheels from my 2012 S4 and putting them on the wifes 2014 SQ5 and then getting myself some new wheels. I lifted the car up and swapped the wheels to see if they would clear...
  9. AUDI Q5 Information & Specifications
    Hi, got a Q5 sprint blue with black pack 3.0 S Line + on order, bit concerned the suspension might be a bit harsh, had a 59 plate with 19" before and that was hard enough, have Audi made the suspension any more forgiving since then? Would19" or 18" be a better bet? The roads around here are shot...
  10. General Discussion
    Hi All, Thanks for all the messages while we have been on the forum. The main reason why we joined this forum is that we provide a lot of Winter Wheel & Tyre Packages for Audi Q5's. As it's getting close to winter, this is the best time to purchase Wheel and Tyres for the Q5. The most popular...
  11. General Discussion
    Hi, Has anyone had a similar problem? My Q5 SE TDi 3.0 has started to make a loud squeek/grinding noise when I tur left esp at slow speed or when turning the car around. My first thoughts are it is the power steering pump. There is no vibration or noise when driving normally and straight only...
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1-12 of 12 Results