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  1. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, Just put a deposit on a 3.0 Tdi S Line plus 66 plate. I tow a Bailey Unicorn Cadiz caravan currently with my Freelander Metropolis and I'm looking for a bit more grunt and a little less "bounce" than the Freelander. I'm looking to fit a Westfalia detachable towbar, has anybody any...
  2. Modifications & 'How To' Guides
    Hi all, I'm a new Audi driver with a 2013 Q5 and I've had the towbar retro fitted by Audi plus the addtional fridge & battery charging kit. The problem I have is that I think a fuse has blown that runs the fridge via a relay. There is a red wire that runs from the RH side of the boot to the...
  3. AUDI Q5 Information & Specifications
    I know absolutely nothing about towing, so I thought I'd ask fellow Q5 owners: I'm aware that the Q5's rated towing capacity is 2,000 kg (or 4,400 lbs), but what does that mean exactly? I assume it means that my trailer (a "camper" I'm considering; I believe they're called a "caravan" in the...
1-3 of 3 Results