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  1. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Hello, I have a 2009 Q5 Sline 2.0tdi, its done 105,000miles. It has smelt of gas (household gas not fuel gas) for a good year now but is getting considerably worse. It happens when stationary in traffic and reversing. It has been intermittent but over the past few months is getting worse...
  2. Modifications & 'How To' Guides
    Greetings Audi Q5 forum folks, I'm just joining today after reading this forum for a while. Very informative and helpful. Thank you to all the people on here. I am awaiting the delivery of my new Q5. I ordered it 3 months ago and can't wait to have it today. Here are the specs I went with. 3.0...
  3. General Discussion
    Just got my new q5 on Saturday. I love it. It the sline 3.2. Does anyone have picture with the mud flaps on them. I would like to see some Picts. I will post pics of my car later. I went from a BMW X5 to this and am very pleased. Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results