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  1. General Discussion
    For anyone driving in France, be aware that as from July 2018 the maximum speed limit on single lane roads, usually designated as D roads, has been reduced from 90 to 80 kph. Currently if like me you use your satnav system the maximum limit stills displays as 90 so needs an update. Police are...
  2. General Discussion
    hi folks, i've been away a while - please excuse my absence. in the meantime - is anyone else having problems trying to use Google 'Send to Car'? i can no longer do this in my new Q5 - i get the following error: i logged a support call with Audi, and they said they were having issues but...
  3. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Hi All Anyone having problems with their satnav on a 2014 q5? I took delivery of mine in late July and although I'm told it has the latest software it doesn't pick the shortest or fastest route when they're selected in the menu. It picks seemingly strange routes but rapidly recalculates to...
  4. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
    Have a 6 month old Q5 on a 13 plate. Experiencing problems / issues with the Sat nav, system, it tells you that there is slow moving or stationary traffic ahead, but it does not re-route or offer an alternative route. Having previously owned a Tom Tom, it always gave the option of alternatives...
  5. Problems, Bugs & Fixes
1-5 of 5 Results