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  1. Reader's Drives
    Taken last week when we had some snow.
  2. General Discussion
    just being pedantic.... ...but, if you read the spec of the current Q5 on Audi's website, it says that "quattro technology stands for permanent power to all four wheels....", but the new model "switches effortlessly between two-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive" - shock!
  3. General Discussion
    Hello! I am thinking of buying audi q5. Because of finances I am considering 150 hp model. I am hesitating between 2017 ultra fwd model and quattro. Because there is only 150 hp, which one will perform better? For me is important also more gentle ride and not so much noise. And how will perform...
  4. Spotted
    What does everyone make of this Audi SQ5 SUV 3.0 BiTDI Quattro in Glacier White Metallic?
  5. General Discussion
    Having never owned a car with Quattro (or similar), I thought this was fairly impressive What is the general view on the Quattro system on the SQ5 from owners?
  6. Private Sellers Marketplace
    '11' Plate, March 2011 registered - 5 Door Estate, Daytona Grey, Quattro 4WD, Turbo Diesel 2.0 TDI, 143bhp, S Line Leather Grey Sports seats, Manual. Audi Warranty. AS NEW, immaculate Audi Q5 S Line which includes Xenon Headlights, LED Rear Lights, S Line Leather sports seats...
1-6 of 6 Results