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In Topic: Sunroof problems

10 March 2020 - 11:34 AM

View Postleebroath, on 03 March 2020 - 02:20 PM, said:


Car is again booked in for the 23rd of March

I have been advised by the Tech Manager the Sunroof Frame will be replaced at a cost of £2000+

They had to eliminate all the previous all the previous fixes/items before they went ahead and asked Audi to replace a high cost item

I have no idea if the Frame is replaced only, or everything is replaced including the 2 pano windows? Anyone know what all gets replaced?

Will update this forum when I get the car back, but I have been advised the noise will be removed... (we will see)

I had mine replaced on my 2016 Q5 with just 1 month left under warranty - was like brand new again.

My 2019 Q5 has been fine.

In Topic: Sunroof knocking noise

10 February 2020 - 02:52 PM

View PostMichael Whittingham, on 09 February 2020 - 11:47 PM, said:

Is this a recallissue

I had the same issue but had the 'cassette' replaced under warranty following extensive inspection (car was aged 2yrs 10 months) and it was all fine after that.

In Topic: Face lift Q5

06 February 2020 - 01:50 PM

If anyone is buying new car - don't dare entertain any showroom 'offer' without speaking to a good broker first.

I've saved over £15K on the price of my last 3 Audi Q5's with the guy I use.

It's a totally free service and the purchase is from a Main Dealer just as you normally would - except this guy will haggle the price on your behalf.

If anyone wants details then let me know and I'll post them here.

In Topic: ODB 11

05 February 2020 - 12:00 PM

JimPSPB, on 31 January 2020 - 02:43 AM, said:

2020 SQ5
I used Carista to negate the engine shut off feature
to change the lane change turn signal from 3 to 5
and to set the parking brake when I turn the car off.

My fob shuts the rear hatch with a long push
I can already shut the hatch with the door switch (when the ignition is on)

Confirm - you have a Q5 can you CAN shut the boot from the fob and drivers door button???

In Topic: Short lived Pleasure - Car Stolen - heads up - FT16 NKX

05 February 2020 - 11:56 AM

View PostFootman, on 25 September 2017 - 09:38 AM, said:

Morning folks,

Well police just left. My new car of 3 days the much saved for and anticipated car has been stolen from my drive last night. Bastards broke into house while asleep and got keys.

Car has been picked up on ANPR police tracker points on the A34 at Cannock at 2.28am.

So please make the this car HOT to handle. Reg is:

FT16 NKX - SQ5

They have house keys too and did take the other Q5 which is for sale - was! Which is locked the back garden but threw the key on the drive and left it. So not enough drivers maybe as still worth £22,000. And did the same with the caravan keys...

Don't hold out much hope and not sure would want it back but purely gutted and violated...

My keys are always in my bedroom with me (part of my bedtime routine), not far from the base-ball bat beside my bed.

I've also got sons in the house 2 - each with their own base-ball bats to help should the need arise.

If they want my Q5 - they're going to have to take quite a bloody beating.