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In Topic: Steering;Fault please stop vehicle

07 April 2021 - 11:08 PM

If you want to be fleeced, try owning a Porsche ......

In Topic: Vorsprung grille

07 April 2021 - 03:05 AM

Audi dealer will be happy to sell you any part for any car. It should be a straight swop. However it is not a quick / easy job to change the grill.

In Topic: Steering;Fault please stop vehicle

07 April 2021 - 03:00 AM

Hi, My steering rack was replaced Free of Charge. It is disappointing that your dealer has been less than helpful. Dealers get a much reduced fee for repairing warranty faults from Audi than they would charge an owner.

In Topic: Steering;Fault please stop vehicle

24 March 2021 - 12:03 PM

View PostDermu, on 24 March 2021 - 11:36 AM, said:

Ok..So the faults been diagnosed as a breakdown of the steering rack (not wear and tear as they mentioned) @ 17,500 miles.

They are wanting 3k for a new one. Any advise would be welcomed greatly. No mention of help via a goodwill gesture.
What are Audi UK CS like are they any good in these situations?
I'm only 5 months outside warranty and in the last year have only driven 2k due to working from home ect.... should I have seen driving more then I guess the fault would have presented it self earlier. The AA who towed the car said that the rack should go for ages before failing.

Same issue I had with my old Q5.
Who is your dealer?
Have you owned since new with full dealer service history?

In Topic: Steering;Fault please stop vehicle

22 March 2021 - 05:33 AM

No idea about this warning. Perhaps failure of the power steering ecu module? Did you notice any issues, e.g. did the steering become heavier?
I did have the steering rack replaced under warranty on my old Q5.
I did have the ecu fail on my A3, the steering became incredibly heavy.

Audi are more generous to first owner with full dealer service history.